Miami Competition 01

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Here is our winning entry of the "Shrink this House" Competition. InsideOut wrote: Everyone and everything is going green. You can´t turn on the news or open a magazine without seeing some play on the phrase. We thought the timing was right for a competition, our third, that challenged the current trend in big, bulging houses modern, Mediterranean, or otherwise. Shrink This House asked our readers to transform a 5,687-square-foot, modern house in Miami Beach into a smaller, environmentally friendly one.
Entries poured in from all over the world: Bali, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, totaling more than 60.

About the winning entry by Michael Atzenhofer: "When you look at all the louvers and the geometry of the house it looks like it has a lineage to Florida´s modern past, yet also has some relationship to the [original] house. This is more of a conceptual doesn´t just cut up the existing one." Max Strang

Year: 2007

Press Competition Winner
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