Michael Atzenhofer Architect

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Architect and Founder, Mid-Century Modernism Enthusiast

After gaining experience at some of Austria´s premier high-end architectural design firms and working in the business for several years, Michael made a leap and founded Architect and Friends in Italy in 2007. Michael has a Master´s degree in architecture (DI/MSc) from Vienna´s Technical University, is a licensed architect and has gained work experience in Austria, Germany and Italy. Having a highly professional team behind him, Michael offers the whole range of architectural services to his clients: architecture, construction management, interiors and custom-made furniture. Michael´s design style has evolved through the merging of his passions: architecture, photography, travelling and different cultures.
Still, what Michael considers to be his strongest influence is his Austrian background. Emerging from an architects and constructors family his ancestors teached him that a real architect always has to be the general manager for his clients, from the beginning of the design process down to the smallest detail on site. That combined with his sensibility for locations, spaces, proportions, quality of materials and detailed workmanship forms the base from which his projects are born.

Johanna Atzenhofer Interior Designer

Interior Designer

When it comes to interiors Johanna approaches each new commission with a discerning and insightful point of view. After completing her studies Johanna gained experience in Austria, Germany and Italy at various high-end design firms and sophisticated retail stores where she worked on commercial projects and private residences. Johanna has an Interior Design Diploma of KLC London and merged her business with Michael in 2009 to strengthen and enhance the relationship between architecture and interior design from the first sketch to completion of each project.
Inspired by a range of sources from modern and contemporary architecture to fashion and vintage design, Johanna loves to share her skills to create personal and vibrant spaces. One of Johanna´s biggest passions is to source new crafting techniques and products like vintage finds, small new label products and handpicked classics from around the world.

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Architect and Friends by Michael Atzenhofer is a full service architectural practice that deals with development and realization of projects of all dimensions. Our strategy is to uncover the obvious and best solution, in large and in small scale, indoor and outdoor in close collaboration with our clients.

Based on our innovative and flexible team of architects, interior designers, craftsmen and suppliers, solutions are proposed and realized that are contextual, yet conceptual and visionary in their intent, effect and appeal. Every design choice we make is based on continuous research for new, innovative or even almost forgotten products, materials and construction details to create tailor-made, unique projects for our clients down to the smallest detail.

When it comes to the realization of our projects the most important approach for us is to create a highly professional and specialized team that can and has to change for each project to always provide a maximum of quality and craftsmanship - in a more traditional or more innovative way.

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Therefore our aim is to source the best people who contribute to the creativity and energy of our team, no matter where the project is or where the client comes from. If there´s no possibility to implement the client´s needs and wishes from paper to built reality, our commitment wasn´t good enough!

Up to now all of our clients became friends and partners on our journey through the world of architecture and design in fabulously interesting times. How about you?

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